Hydro-Health :: Watsu, Ai-Chi, Aquafit & Swimming Lessons utilising the Alexander Technique
Hydro-Health :: Watsu, Ai-Chi, Aquafit & Swimming Lessons utilising the Alexander Technique

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Warm Water hydrotherapy

A Watsu Session

WATSU (Water Shiatsu)

Watsu assists with:

-Pain relief

-Improved mobility



-or simply some me time

Watsu is the first form of Aquatic Bodywork.

"Water Shiatsu", Watsu, is profoundly relaxing. Taking full advantage of the aquatic environment with movements combined with gentle stretches, oriental acupressure points and Shiatsu massage while being floated in 34-degree temperature Water. Watsu uses the lightness of the body in water to free the spinal vertebrae, rotate joint articulations and elongate muscles in alternative ways possible on land. These rhythmic, dance-like movements are performed in harmony with your breath to inspire the natural regeneration of your body and mind.

Imagine a calm, warming environment, where deep physical and metal relaxation is achieved within minutes.

Realise this very state with a unique one to one Watsu experience, Watsu keeps us on track for those daily challenges life can throw at us. Watsu is suitable for all ages, gender and swimming abilities.

Relaxing after a Watsu Sessionprices

30 minute Watsu taster 35

60 minute one off Watsu 80

Discount rewards card-for every five 60 minute Watsu stamped get 6th one half price(saving 40)t&g apply.

Advanced Discount 6x60 minute Watsu course paid in advance 400(saving80)t&g apply.

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During your Watsu

You are supported at all times by your qualified Watsu Advanced practitioner allowing you to drift away into sheer blissfulness whilst receiving gentle manoeuvres which are choreographed to your individual requirements. combining shiatsu pressure points, gentle stretches and with the absence of gravity help alleviate those aches and pains Gain a revitalised yet peaceful state of mind and body you've never before experienced; try relaxation's best kept secret.

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Watsu Health Maintenance Programme:

Watsu ExperienceWhen you receive a one off Watsu it's hard to believe you would ever need another as most people feel the benefits during and after their experience anyway. Typically, Watsu's are booked in response to physical, mental or emotional trying times.

However, a sustained Watsu maintenance programme not only offers 'quick fix' benefits, it also allows the ability to re-train your whole system to function on another level. A level of ease and tranquillity where life is observed from a higher plane, decisions are effectively made to adapt and adjust, resulting in a habit forming improved dominion of peaceful clarity. With a Watsu programme, benefits gain longevity and maintain an equilibrium in your life.

Empirical evidence from Hydro-Health 'Watsu course programme' clients is extremely positive and highlights an abundance of benefits including better sleep patterns, improved organisation at work and home life, continued ease of muscle and joint pain and a feeling of being in a generally peaceful domina with the ability to deal effectively with life's challenges.

"I no longer feel as though I 'need' a Watsu to pick me up, I'm on an all time high and really look forward to it," Anna, Stafford

Discount benefits, Invest in your 6 session programme for a time period to suit you and save up to 80

Discount rewards card-for every five 60 minute Watsu stamped get 6th one half price (saving 40)t&g apply.


Advanced Discount 6x60 minute Watsu course paid in advance 400 (saving 80)t&g apply.

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WATSU for Pregnancy:

What better environment could there possibly be than a warm water hydro pool, free from weight bearing pressures, whilst being pregnant?

Watsu for pregnancy tailors the versatile gentle movements of the treatment for both mother and baby, achieving increased health benefits of nutrient circulation and harmonious mental relaxation whilst soothing tired muscles and aching joints.

WATSU is also considered "the ultimate preparation for a waterbirth" by Janet Balaskas, the world renowned natural childbirth pioneer.

Contact us today to see how Watsu can assist during your pregnancy.

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The Background of Watsu:

Yin Yang Harold Dull began developing it in 1980 floating his Zen Shiatsu students in the warm pool at Harbin Hot Springs California applying its stretches and moves.

In the years since, with the help of countless others in classes, clinics and spas around the world Watsu has evolved into what many consider the most profound development of bodywork in our time.

WATSU students undergo extensive stages of training before qualifying for full practitioner status, maintaining the excellence of standards.

Is Watsu Right for You?

As with many complimentary therapies, a confidential medical questionnaire will be carried out before any treatment takes place, to ensure that WATSU is right for your own individual needs and to help design a Watsu that is personal to you.

Dawn, your Advanced Watsu practitioner is available to answer any queries you may have and to ensure that you remain entirely comfortable before, during and after each Watsu.

All bookings are subject to terms and conditions available to view from our pricing page.

Providing warm water therapy and instruction,

promoting good health and well-being.

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