Hydro-Health :: Watsu, Ai-Chi, Aquafit & Swimming Lessons utilising the Alexander Technique
Hydro-Health :: Watsu, Ai-Chi, Aquafit & Swimming Lessons utilising the Alexander Technique

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A Watsu Session Hydrotherapy/warm water excercise in more detail.......


Water exercise permits an extremely effective, steady increase in fitness levels that is sustainable, including pre- and post-operative rehabilitation for all ages.  Hydro-Health’s private pool facility offers a safe, warm environment and programmes tailored to your individual needs.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of disease, and has been used as such for hundreds of years.  It was an essential part of ancient Greek and Roman medicine and has consistently remained central to many modern systems since.  Warm water quiets and soothes and its thermal effect encourages healing.  The body reacts to heat and its application, as well as to the pressure it exerts.  Nerves in the skin’s surface carry these sensations deeper into the body where they can stimulate the immune system, influence the production of stress hormones, improve circulation and digestion, encourage blood flow and lessen sensitivity to pain.

External hydrotherapy, or submersion in water, makes the body appear weightless because the impact of gravity is less.  This can make exercise feel easier than on dry land.  Water also has a hydrostatic effect, working like a gentle massage on the body.  Moving, or being moved, in water stimulates touch receptors in the skin to increase blood circulation which can aid healing and release tight muscles to help relaxation and recovery from joint or muscle injury.  If the water is hot this can be especially beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, and in the reduction of sensitivity to acute or persistent pain.  Submersion has also been found to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety such as headaches, depression and sleep disorders.

External hydrotherapy is also commonly used to maintain a person’s state of health by encouraging exercise, increasing the elimination of waste which assists detoxification and digestive activity, toning and hydrating the skin, and improving the function of internal organs by stimulating their blood supply.


Hydro-Health provides specialist swimming instruction, warm water therapies and fitness classes.

All tuition & therapy is provided by a fully qualified instructor / practitioner at a private indoor swimming facility located in the Staffordshire countryside.

STA: Swimming Teaches Association ASA: Amateur Swimming Association ISTC: Institute of Swimming Teachers & Coaches International School of Watsu Art of Swimming NHSTA: NHS Trusts Association ITPI: International Professional Therapists International